10 ‘Ever-Green’ Topics to Keep The Conversation Going With a Girl

man textingI’ve teach lots of men in improving their communication skills with the women and one question I am receiving again and again from men is “how to keep conversation going with a girl”. If you are into dating world for some time then you feel frustration of having nothing to keep the conversation going with the girl. There are many men who don’t have any idea about what are good kick-off topics to start the conversation with a girl and keep her attraction till the end.

Before giving you exact list of topics to start the conversation let’s take a look about what are the qualities of good topics for conversation.

Qualities of Good Topics for Conversation:

    • Lighten Your Attractive Qualities:

    A good topic should lighten your attractive qualities. There are certain qualities that attract women automatically. Some of these qualities are leadership, pre-selected by other women, fun, social proof and passionate. The more you display these qualities, the more attractive you become.

    • Wants Her Response:

    Any topic becomes interesting when she starts sharing her opinions, reviews and feedbacks. You must choose topics that want her response. Remember girls don’t like to talk about her job or family. Avoid talking about her job and choosing something between latest songs, movies etc.

    • Build Rapport:

    Women don’t trust easily to any person. A good topic for conversation should build rapport between you and her. Once she feels both of you have some connection in between then she let her guards down and talks with you more confidently.

    • Emotional State:

    There is a reason behind entertainment industry earns multi-billion dollars a year. Humans are hungry for emotions. We are always looking for a way to satisfy our craving for emotions. As girls are very emotional that is why if you choose topic that put ‘positive’ emotions then girl will continue enjoying your conversation.

couple talking on phoneI know after reading these 4 qualities of good conversation topics, some new ideas start popping in your head. To make it easier for you I am going to reveal some topics based on these 4 qualities which you can inject anytime in your conversation to eliminate awkward silences, boredom and prevent you from running out of good conversation topics.

Below are 10 ‘ever-green’ topics that keep conversation going with a woman. These 10 ‘ever-green’ topics you can inject anytime into your conversation to build rapport, interest and emotions.

    • Latest Movies/Music:

    Do you know what are the best movies coming next month? Topics about latest movies and music is the great way to build rapport with the girl and on other hand the conversation become even more interesting if you both have similar taste. Even if you both don’t have similar taste then still discussion about latest movies keep the conversation going.

    • Travel:

    The secret to women attraction is travel. Women are naturally attracts toward the person who travels a lot. If you have some stories with you then don’t jump right into the conversation. Allow women to share her desires, interest and passions. Don’t share the list of restaurant you visit during travelling instead share 3-4 short stories with her and you will see her interest in your conversation.

    • Future Ambitions:

    A guy with future ambitions about his career is always attractive to many girls. Girls like guys to have ambition about his career. If any women starts sharing about her ambitions with you that means it is somehow connected with you. She is giving you little glimpse of her soul and it is important to don’t crack joke about her future ambitions.

    • Childhood:

    Our childhood is great and it holds special value for all of us. It gives smile to our face when we think about childhood. No tension, No worries just fun…just is what childhood is all about. But, as we grow we get very little chance to talk about our childhood and when we get chance to talk about it then it opens up flood gates of emotions. You can ask her question about her childhood experiences and surely she has full of experiences to share with you.

    • Passion and Interest:

    Talk about passionate and interest is the best way to kick-off the conversation with the girl and you can even inject in between of your formal conversation to make it interesting and kills all boredom from your conversation. Having passion for something gives idea to woman that you have clear intentions.

    • Gossip:

    couple dating

    Any type of gossip either it is celebrity gossip or it is glorified gossip creates interest in the conversation. Many PUA artists prefer to tell the stories of their friend who somehow caught into funny situation. It is all about communicating ‘drama’ of your friend life’s into your wordings. It works very well especially if it is about relationship or sex.

    • Early Struggle:

    Everyone has its story about struggling for getting a job or a contract or a long-term client. Sharing such struggling stories with the girl will create interest but don’t put much focus on you in the story because it will backfire you instead share your story in which you faced the biggest obstacle of your life like shifting to the new city or getting your dream job or winning contract deal.

    • Unusual experiences:

    Have you meet with the famous celebrity or basketball player? Did something unusual event happened to you? When telling the story about your unusual experiences make sure you fix it will lots of emotions and facts.

    • Lesson you’ve learned:

    Did you experience unusual event which teaches you lesson? Telling her about such experience will create interest as well as rapport. We all want to learn from other experience. If she is telling you about such experience then listen her carefully.

    • Observations about Her:

    Another great topic to keep the conversation going is letting her know about what you think about her. We all like to hear observations about us from the people that don’t know us. You can tell about your observations about her by cold reading her but make sure you don’t crack joke about her personality.

Once you learn which topic you have to pick to keep your conversation going with a girl then it is time to implement her. If you are following Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging (find out more about it from this page)then these 10 ‘ever-green’ topics will work exceptionally well.

There is good video on Youtube about approaching girl. Watch that video below: