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DougHi, I’m Doug, I created this site to share my opinion on Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Massaging. In this review you going to find how to unlock woman’s mind and fill it with lot of emotions by sending three text.

I am starting by sharing some basic information, then explain how it works, and concluding by sharing free “7 Deadly Texting Mistakes” Ebook. I am sure this review will clear all doubts from your mind regarding this.

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Before starting my review I like to tell you if you looking for official website then you can find it here.

We all know getting attraction from female is difficult but keeping this attraction is far more difficult as well. There are pretty good number of guys that don’t find themselves successful in getting attraction from hot girls.

sexy womanThere is pretty much information available online about it but they are based on unrealistic approach or can’t be adopt by a person in his practical life. If you are also one of these guys that want to get attraction from females then you must look for the program called magnetic messaging by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.

Bobby and Rob designed this program especially for guys that want to maximize their potential of getting girls with the help of texting. This is comprehensive program for guys because it teaches step-by-step of maximizing the potential of getting girl though texting and more importantly highlights all those mistakes that most commonly guys do.  In this review we will take a look how magnetic messaging works and does it worth the investment?

Bobby and Rob created a video presentation which explain pretty much everything how to unlock girl’s mind and fill it with lots of emotions which force her to become much closer to you.

Here’s the video presentation:


How does it work?

The Key Lock Sequence

Bobby and Rob designed this program in such a way it pushes female hot emotional buttons. We all think women are very complicated and they are difficult to understand but they love one thing and that is emotions. It does not matter how much strongly girl behaves the secret is, emotion is inject in her DNA. Every girl shows emotion at some point and with the help of magnetic messaging you will reveal what lines push girl emotional buttons and make her fall in love with you.

I am reviewing this program because I tested this program and it work for me. Now, I have full control of my girlfriend and can date with her anytime I want. I also recommend this program to my friend and it works for him too. This program is very powerful and effective basically it works on three text messages series. These three text messages when send in a series unlock female emotions. Bobby and Rob teach you the secret of using these emotions in your favor which he called Key Lock Sequence. Do you want to know how they work? Here you go:

Magnetic Texting #1:

All three magnetic texting has its own benefits and you can’t skip any of them. If you skip any of them just to stay in your comfort zone then you will never get results that you always desire. This program is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying that you never tried before. I am sure you send numerous texts to the girl but you ever tried texting emotional messages. This is what first magnetic texting is all above. In this first magnetic texting your will learn what are emotional messages. Basically anything emotional such as sad and romantic stories will unlock emotion in the girl body and you have very limited time to turn these emotions in your favor.

Magnetic Texting #2:

The second magnetic texting is all about turning those emotions into your favor and make her feel you both have connection. Don’t make her feel like just another contact number in the list instead makes her feel something special. Don’t use generic text message because they never work instead they will drop the attention you get from her and you need to start all over again. Preparing proper emotional text in this section is important that is why you will get exclusive training about what are emotional text messages and how you can prepare your own one without making them look generic.

Magnetic Texting #3:

The third magnetic texting is all about getting into her mind and make her realize you both have some similarities between. Sooner girl will start realizing these similarities and gives you more attention than ever. I recommend this third magnetic texting needs to be the perfect mixture of emotions as well as some romantic and happy memories.

Why do I recommend it?

magnetic messaging

I recommend magnetic messaging for a reason and that is it works for me every time I used it. Either you admit or not, a man life is incomplete without dating with a girl who has sexy long legs and perfectly curve booty. We are always in hunt for finding such girl and once we find such girl we have no idea from where to start. Since text messages is the closest thing to human being that is why I always recommend preparing a solid plan to grab attraction from the girl you want to date. This is what you going to learn from magnetic messaging.


    • Bobby and Rob designed this program is very professionally manner and it is very easy to understand as well.
    • This program explained the most common mistake done by guys in the past. Knowledge about these mistakes is important because it helps you in keeping the attention you get from the girl. Clearly, getting the phone number of the beautiful girl is not the goal instead getting attraction from her and maintaining it should be your target goal. Any beautiful girl has lots of guys number in her phone but to stand out from all other guys you need special plan that you get it from magnetic messaging.
    • Bobby and Rob did great job in getting ‘three magnetic texting’. With the help of this method your workload is almost reduce and you will remain in right track throughout the program.
    • With 60-days money back guarantee your investment in this program is completely safe. Anytime you feel you are not getting results that you expect from this program you can return the copy and get your full money back.


Nothing is perfect in this world. There are some cons I found in this program which are explained below:

    • This guide consists of 185 pages which become overwhelming for some guys that are using this program for first time. Although all the 185 pages is jam-pack with quality information but for some people it become overwhelming.

Final Thoughts:

Magnetic messaging is the 185 pages guide which containing quality information about improving your dating game. When it comes to dating no one can guarantee for the results but in this program you will get techniques which is proven and tested by good amount of people so, if you follow this program you will get desire results. I recommend it to every guy that want to improving their texting skills.

I hope this review will help you in finalizing your buying decision. Thanks.


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